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Posted Jul 11, 2020




Hello Parents & Coaches,

We have been given the green light to open up registration; however, it will be very different this Spring. Please read your options very carefully.

Our league, Northwest Rio Grande Soccer League, has decided NOT to run a traditional 8 week season as we are pretty far into the Spring.

Instead, you will have two options to return to soccer.

Option 1: Practice Only

* Recreational or Competitive Players must register and pay a $50 registration fee. Through the Rio Rancho United Soccer Club registration link below.

* The fee will cover the cost for players to practice and protect them with league insurance. Teams and players who are registered may practice until 8/1/2021.

* If you are already on a team and your Coach has agreed to begin running practices you may start practicing as soon as all of the criteria have been met.

*  Each Coach must show proof of a negative Covid test (done after April 1) and be tested monthly. Coaches may also show an immunization record indicating that they have received both Covid vaccination shots. If they have received both shots, monthly testing is not required.

* All players must have a parent or guardian sign a Covid-19 Code of Conduct Form. You will find this form attached to this e-mail. It MUST be turned into your coach before your team begins practicing.

*  All players, coaches, and parents must wear a mask at all times.

*  Scrimmages and/or friendlies may be scheduled with other teams who have also met the criteria to play.

*  Coaches or a team parent will need to keep a written attendance of all players, coaches, and parents who are attending a practice or game. This will be collected weekly and used for tracing purposes should there be some who test positive for Covid.

*  Any player registering without a team will be assigned to a team. This is contingent upon enough players registering to form a team.

*  If there are enough players to form a team and a coach is found you will be assigned and eligible to practice.

*  These new teams will be able to begin practicing after May 1, 2021, assuming all of the criteria have been met to start.

*  Since we are unable to predict how many player(s) will sign up, any player(s) who do not have a team assignment after April 30, 2021, may request a full refund from the club in writing via e-mail.

To register click here:



PLEASE NOTE: If you use your cell phone to register, please look in the upper left-hand corner where you will see three lines.  If you click on those lines, you will see the Register Here tab.  


Option 2: Practice & Play in the upcoming NWRGSL 3 vs. 3 League and 5 vs. 5 League.

* All of the criteria for Option 2 is the same for Option 1.

* There will be a 5 vs. 5 and a 3 vs. 3 League run by NWRGSL (Northwest Rio Grande Soccer League) in the May – June Timeframe. Dates are being finalized.

* All players MUST be registered and have paid the $50 registration fee.

* Full teams must register – no individual registrations.

* Registration will be done with NWRGSL directly.

* There will be 8 games over 4 weeks. One weeknight game and one Saturday game.

* Registration fee will be $150 per team.

¨ 3 vs. 3 teams may roster 8 players ages 4-7.

¨ 5 vs. 5 teams may roster 10 players ages 8 – 16.

¨ Players who want to dual roster on two teams will have to pay their portion of the team fee each time.

* Details about these leagues will be available soon.

We realize this is very different from traditional years. NWRGSL and Rio Rancho United Soccer Club wanted to provide a safe and simple way for the kids to return to play. We hope this will allow them to get some exercise, be with their friends and learn some more about playing soccer. We all felt that this was the best way to go about returning to play as the only other option was to cancel everything until the 2021-2022 Fall and Spring Season.

If you decide to wait to play until the 2021-20222 Fall and Spring Season, that is completely fine and understandable. No player should feel forced to return to play if you are not ready to do so. Registration for the 2021-2022 Fall and Spring Season will open at the end of May 2021. Check our website, at that time for more details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,



Alex Fisher - President

(505) 235-0385 (cell)


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How much does it cost?


$75 for Academy (Ages 2 & 3)

$110 for Recreational (Ages 4-14)

$300 for Recreational (Ages 9-14)

2.) How much are uniforms?

Uniform Cost:

Academy: No Cost - T-shirt provided

Recreational: $80 plus shipping

Competitive: $165 plus shipping

3.) Where is practice held?

Practice Locations:

Loma Colorado Park

Havasu Park

Zia Park

King Meadows Park

4.) When is practice?

Practice Days, Times & Location:

Determined by the Coach

5.) Where are the games held?

Game Locations:

Home Games will most likely be at Cabezon Park or King Meadows Park - Still working with City to firm up

Away Games could be at Ventana Ranch Park, Corrales, Bernalillo, Alameda Soccer Complex or in the South Valley