Rio Rancho United


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How much does it cost?


$75 for Academy (Ages 2 & 3)

$110 for Recreational (Ages 4-14)

$300 for Recreational (Ages 9-14)

2.) How much are uniforms?

Uniform Cost:

Academy: No Cost - T-shirt provided

Recreational: $80 plus shipping

Competitive: $165 plus shipping

3.) Where is practice held?

Practice Locations:

Loma Colorado Park

Havasu Park

Zia Park

King Meadows Park

4.) When is practice?

Practice Days, Times & Location:

Determined by the Coach

5.) Where are the games held?

Game Locations:

Home Games will most likely be at Cabezon Park or King Meadows Park - Still working with City to firm up

Away Games could be at Ventana Ranch Park, Corrales, Bernalillo, Alameda Soccer Complex or in the South Valley